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            Healthcare Admissions 101

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            Meet Our Admissions Consultants

            As an applicant with a low GPA, I knew applying to medical school would be challenging. Alicia was absolutely instrumental in my success of obtaining 9 MD interviews and admission to my top choice. Alicia is very knowledgeable of the entire medical school application process. She was able to answer all of my questions throughout the entire process. As a California resident, I was nervous about not being competitive enough for California schools and out of state schools. However, with her help, I received interview invitations to the University of Southern California, UC Riverside, University of Cincinnati, Oregon Health; Science University, University of Iowa, Rush University, Eastern Virginia Medical School, New York Medical College and Wayne State. I will be attending my top choice medical school! I am so grateful that I had Alicia’s support during this process.

            When I was looking into applying to postbaccalaureate programs, I bought Alicia’s book on Amazon. It was very helpful and from there, I knew I wanted to work with her. I worked with Alicia from the beginning of the application process and she helped me every step of the way from offering encouragement and support during my MCAT studying to providing insightful feedback on my personal statement and mock interviews.

            I specifically wanted to work with Alicia because she has worked with students with similar academic and personal backgrounds as myself. I graduated college with a low science GPA and spent a few years completing informal postbaccalaureate coursework. Alicia helped me feel confident when explaining my grades when asked about them. She also helped me focus on my positive qualities and experiences, instead of dwelling on my poor grades. I appreciate her empathetic and positive attitude during such a stressful process. She was very understanding and went above and beyond by providing strategies on how to overcome nervousness before my interviews. I also felt well prepared going into all of my interviews because of her helpful feedback after mock interviews.

            I definitely recommend Alicia to anyone looking to have a successful application cycle. She has experience working with students from all backgrounds and she knows everything there is to know about the medical school application process. She is very efficient with editing and providing overall and specific feedback. I 10/10 recommend Alicia!

            Simply put, Dr. Barry Rothman played an integral role in my getting accepted to medical school. It was only upon working with Dr. Rothman that I realized how disorganized and poorly formatted my application was. Dr. Rothman taught me how to better articulate and organize my thoughts and worked with me to help me find the right words so I could truly express what was in my head and in my heart.

            Finally, I cannot doubt Dr. Rothman’s expertise. His knowledge regarding the entire medical school application process is astounding. He truly is well versed in helping his clients and catering his advice to specific applicants. For our mock interview, we prepared not only ‘general’ questions but also questions specific to my application to best prepare me regardless of what medical school admissions would throw at me.

            Ultimately, I’m incredibly happy with the decision I made to work with and Dr. Barry Rothman specifically.

            Thank you for your help with everything. I truly appreciate it.

            Barry is the person you want in your corner when you are tackling the arduous task of applying to dental school. When I was looking for an advisor, I knew I wanted someone with the experience and track record of helping applicants like me achieve their goals of getting into their top programs. I was fortunate to find Barry when I did because his knowledge of dental school applications allowed me to not only apply one year ahead of schedule, but also receive an acceptance from my number one choice. Over the course of one year, Barry guided me through every step of the process from choosing which post-baccalaureate classes to take, to looking over my personal statement, to preparing me for the interview. I cannot recommend Barry’s services enough.

            Barry was the advisor for me from day one. I had worked for over four years after graduating college before deciding I was going to pursue dentistry as a new career. Not knowing anything about how to begin, I was concerned that I would not have the knowledge to become a standout applicant. When I first met with Barry over the phone, I was most surprised by his positivity, eagerness to know my story, and patience as I navigated unfamiliar territory. Upon our first conversation, Barry had the ability to find my strengths as well as come up with a realistic plan of action for me to achieve my goals. I remember ending that conversation feeling like I had a shot at getting into dental school. Barry’s belief in me provided me with the confidence to put in the work and allow my dream to become a reality.

            After carefully looking over my GPA and class history, Barry pinpointed the classes he thought I would need to prove to dental school admissions that I was a strong applicant who could handle a heavy graduate-level course load. Every quarter, I would show him my projected schedule and together we would go over whether the class was worth taking. Through his expertise as an advisor and a university professor, Barry’s guidance in selecting my classes ensured no time was wasted, I was saving money by only taking the necessary classes, and the level of difficulty was appropriate for me.

            What could have been the most stressful part of the process ended up becoming my most triumphant all due to Barry’s help. After completing most of my post-baccalaureate classes, I was simultaneously studying for the DAT as well as working on my personal statement. I felt like I was juggling two critical aspects of my application in a short period of time. Barry put me at ease when he became an extra set of eyes for my personal statement by proofreading and giving me tips on how to improve. Any time I felt stuck or unsure about my writing skills, Barry was available to provide me with that extra boost of encouragement to continue revising until my message of why I wanted to become a dentist was clear. I was able to finish my written applications in a timely manner and take my DAT with assurance, knowing that I had given it my all and Barry was behind me to cheer me on.

            Several months later, interviews started to roll in. The last step of my journey with Barry included mock interviews where we went over potential questions that could be asked. Although I felt confident with my interview skills, I was appreciative of the different strategies Barry shared with me to make the interview that much easier.

            If you are considering an advisor for your dental school needs, look no further—Barry is the person you want.

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